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Top Instagram Features That Your Business Should Use for Marketing

One of the best social media platforms to share your videos and pictures is Instagram. For businesses, Instagram is not only a place to share pictures and videos but can also be an effective marketing tool. In this article, you’re going to learn more about some of the best Instagram features that could help your business in its marketing.

One of the most popular Instagram features that could help your business in marketing is Instagram stories. Businesses may decide to use the Instagram story video or Instagram stories ads whereby the audience will view what is posted and this may help in attracting new followers. It is important to note that the Instagram stories ads will cost you some money but will be worthwhile since they will bring more value.

The push notifications feature is another feature on Instagram that will offer you great benefits. The push notifications will come in handy in automating the process of modifying your followers that there is something new posted and to make the most out of the push notifications, ensure that you post high-quality content regularly and also use call to action buttons.

Geotagging is yet another popular feature on Instagram. When you use the geotagging feature, you will make your business to be more visible within certain geographical boundaries and this will attract the followers that live around your business.

Another Instagram feature that you should consider making use of is live video. Due to the real-time capabilities offered by the live video, you will then be able to develop credibility amongst the followers you have on Instagram. Using the live video will help you to show the new products that you have and also enhance your brand recognition.

The other Instagram feature that you should consider using is the photo filters. Photo filters will come in handy in helping you in your social profile branding activities. Using photo filters in your posts will enable you to develop a certain theme that can help your followers to identify your business on Instagram.

Another outstanding feature that is useful Instagram is hashtags. Ensure that you use hashtags that commonly trend in your posts because this will enable you to expose your business more to people that do not follow you. For the marketing activities of your business, another Instagram feature that is going to prove to be worthwhile is the emoji polls. With the emoji polls, you will ask questions to your followers and get feedback that will make your prospective customers feel a sense of belonging since their feedback is valued.