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A Guide to PBX Phone Systems and Its Benefits

If you have a growing business, then you may need to add more telephone lines. Adding telephone lines are no longer a problem since today, there is equipment that can manage this situation. The PBX or private branch exchange system can link all the phones in a company or across multiple locations.

Since PBX systems are computerized and operate over the internet, it becomes easy to manage. When it comes to cost, PBX systems are very much affordable. If your company uses a PBX system, then your customer service will greatly improve, and it can help cut your costs while making your working practices more flexible. If you have a PBX phone system, then you will have the benefits below.

With PBX phone systems internal communications is made easier. IN a traditional internal phone call, your call will be routed through the local phone company’s exchange. But with a PBX system, there is an internal routing with no need to go outside the building.

In a PBX system, you can be provided with a receptionist feature where all calls coming into your company can be accessed by one number. So, you only list one number for your business phone number. This can be done without PBX but only one call can be accommodated at a time. But with a PBX system incoming calls don’t block other calls. You can dial out and make calls even if a caller is still connected.

Answering calls by a receptionist are no longer necessary with a PBX system. There are auto-attendant instructions directing you to dial a particular number for a specific service. But with PBX auto attendants, callers are asked to enter an extension number to cut through the time-consuming menu process.

Features of a PBX phone system cannot be found on a standard phone. If you phone starts to ring but you are not there to answer it, then after a given number of rings, the call will be forwarded to another phone. Back up routing can be done if a key person leaves his desk. The call will then automatically be forwarded to another member of the sales team. With this feature, important customer calls will always be answered.

PBX systems give variable access. PBX control panels lets you give different levels of access to different extensions. Certain phones can be limited to call only other internal extensions. There can be phones that can call out of the building but not long distance. Specified extension numbers can be restricted access to international dialing.

Logs of incoming and outgoing calls are kept in PBX phone systems. The number of incoming calls your business has received can be known. With these logs, you will see which departments are getting the most calls and which extension are doing the most work on the telephone.

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