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Sobriety Chips And How They Can Boost Growth

It would be a lie to say that it is easy to let go of something that has made an impact on your life because the truth is, as you spend more and more time with someone or spend days and years doing something and it becomes part of you and your routine, chances are you have built a strong emotional attachment to it making it hard to leave behind. An addiction to something is really hard to stop and an example to that would be someone’s addiction to alcohol. There are lots of ways that one can break through with his alcohol addiction and a support group is just one of them. Among the many ways that a support group can help an alcohol addict to move on with it is the sobriety coins and this method is used pretty much by other support groups. People usually judge things by its cover, and though these sobriety coins may be small, simple coins, to these alcoholics, they mean so much more as these coins symbolize how long they have stayed sober and have rejected alcoholic drinks.

When you are undergoing such a hard time in your life, an encouragement from someone you hold dear is so important in that it does so many things to change the way you think and these recovery medallions can do great things to help a recovering alcoholic to push on with what he is doing. Sobriety chips aren’t only available in one size and colour but rather it has lots of them and an example would be the white sobriety chip which is given to a new member on his first day to celebrate his first day of soberness and for him to mark that day as a special one and one worth remembering. Every first is worth celebrating and to celebrate the first month of soberness, another kind of coin is given to a member which is the metallic coin. There are many firsts to celebrate and one of the most looked forward to medallion that a support group member wants to receive is the aa anniversary medallion whose name speaks for itself. The people who are joining a support group know that their journey to having a life that is free from alcohol is not an easy one but because they are in a support group and surrounded by people who are undergoing the same thing, too, they are there to encourage and support one another to make their way to a new life succeed and worth it.

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