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Ways Of Dealing With Jealous Dogs.

There are certain feelings that only human beings are known to be accustomed to but when it comes to feeling jealousy, this has been found to affect even the dogs we own as pets. This mostly happens to those people that have two or many dogs at home and one seems to be getting more attention from their owner than the other dog. At times, you might appear on sight before the dogs and one might push its way to reach you. Being aggressive towards you or another dog is one of the ways in which you can determine if your dog is either jealous or not. This is one of the biggest indicators that your dog has an issue and, it can be portrayed when the dog bites or attempts to bite other individuals around them. Secondly, unusual toilet habits is an indicator of a jealous dog.

With a jealous dog, it might decide to go against the teachings that the owner trained it to toilet outside the house, and start toileting any place. Dogs lack the ability to communicate with its owner in the same way that a human does, it might starts showing some of this aggressive behaviors and a sign that it lacks affection. At times, your dog might start paying undivided attention towards you of even doing tricks without being asked to is a sign of jealousy. Lastly, you might be cuddling one of your dogs and the other one starts to push it out of the way to also try and get your attention. To ensure that you restore back the lost affection towards the other dog once you have noticed some of this behaviors and many more, there are certain ways in which you can attain this. The first thing that you need to do is recording all the activities and behaviors that are termed as jealous behavior that your dog tends to portray.

Ensure that you record the location where this behavior was showcased, what had happened before and what happened after as this information is important to a professional that you have sought help from. When it comes to toys, bed, water, food and other items, you should ensure that each dog has access to their own items to ensure that they do not come close to one another during meal times. When you decide to walk the dogs and one dog need to have a leash, change this norm and put a leash on all of the dogs so that they do not think one is important than the other.

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