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How Instagram Updates Affect Advertisers

Instagram has been able to grow their active user numbers to reach up to billion as of early last year. This has been possible due to the ability to share photos and graphics in the platform. The platform has also had a growth of influences and advertisers who are selling in the platform. A few years back influencers have been trying to use negative graphics to draw attention to their accounts. This made an Instagram vow to stop all graphics that show self-harm and one that have negative news. With the updates, the platform will ensure that there are no visible likes in underneath the photos the users are posting. This will help in reducing the competition and promote sharing of quality content on the platform. The new updates have caused mixed reactions from different users and advertisers in the platform. In this article we are going to look at how the Instagram updates will affect advertisers in the platform.

First, it is important for one to know that these updates are being tested and that they have not started being used. This is after the platform was rated as one of the platforms which have a negative impact on the mental of the users. The platform has also been rated as one which causes low self-esteem to users. By disabling the likes, no one will be competing with the rest for likes.

Most advertisers are always concerned about the number of likes that they receive from their audience. This has made some advertisers to buy likes for their accounts. With more likes, the advertisers feel that they have a wider reach and more people who are following their business. Thus new updates are needed to tame the need of having many likes in one’s photos. Also the advertisers will not be able to see how their competitors are doing.

One should begin generating the content of value in order to ensure that they do not get affected with the new updates. Influencers who will start using more quality content will notice a good growth of traffic in their posts. Hence it is necessary for everyone advertising in the platform to ensure that they have developed good content for their audience. Good quality content means that what is posted should be authentic and like able.

Finally, influencers will now have lesser competition on the number of likes they receive with the new updates.